It's a jungle                 

in there       

U n w i n d   y o u r   m i n d  w i t h
      o r i g i n a l   n a t u r e  a r t  p r i n t s
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Life takes a toll on us all. Between the pressures of work deadlines, family responsibilities and unexpected life events, we can slip into emotional chaos. 

What if a simple glance at an image could help refocus your world. No time or effort required. Just your attention. Our visuals are pleasantly absorbed through the eye. Calm is only one glance away. 

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Our innovative nature prints are not only a beautiful sight to behold but also nourishment to our minds and spirits.  Each image is designed to capture both the beauty and intrinsic order within nature. Simply looking at these images awakens a calm state within us.  


We mesh real foliage, flowers and other nature repeating patterns with science and artistic flair, thus creating unique images that have a calming effect on the observer of our art prints.

Calming visuals born from real raindrops

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Become the art
Looking at images of real nature processed for a specific fractal-dimension range has been shown to have a calming effect on
the human mind… filling the world with more mindfulness, one
glance at a time.
Set your path
Stress will be lower with FracArt’s presence where stressful tasks like creative thinking, logical problem-solving and other pressures are present. A state of calm also heightens our ability to respond with tolerance and compassion. 
Our Art Prints

‘Ordinary as Extraordinary’ our unique art designs capture the realism of nature and aims to enhance Euclidean built simplicity so when we surround ourselves with non-fractal structure we are not destroying our natural positive correlation and its benefits of a 'calm inner world'. Explore here:


We are proud of our team and local Aussie communities based on the fabulous Eastern area of Australia, known as the epicentre of Australia’s counter-culture where summer never fades. We create and craft our unique nature visuals and hand manufacturer our sustainable everyday products contributing to society’s wellness. 

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Stickers - Recycled Paper

Organic Eco Topper 4-12+y 

Organic Unisex
T-Shirts S-3XL White or Black

Digital download Emotion+Inspiration
Card Set

Removable fabric Decals

or Wallpaper

Posters / Wall Art
Giclee canvas, Rag, paper

GIFs / Screen Savers

Scarves for pet or you
Nature iteration designs on coloured 
Organic cotton

Cotton or Cotton & Hemp Totes

Wear it… hang it on your bedroom wall… carry it… flaunt it!

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Art growing good thoughts

... is the future of wellbeing: FracArt / FracArte creating original nature art for the greater good.

Over 300 real nature art images and patterns, that will stand tall forever, fill our vault.  Regular new image releases will be added

to ecommerce Fracarte.com. We create with the visual power of black/greyscale and white or our lovely colour collaboration with our artist's fine art canvases overlayed with unique work by graphic mathematician at Fracarte.com

Surface pattern sets

We consider an important genre of art is surface patterns and prints and we aim to create a unique calm flow so that everything you see in your daily life is also helping to repair the planet’s tattered social fabric. Our socially engaged nature visuals nurture calm and with calm comes hope. Connect to the 'movement' and let the good thoughts grow.


How to describe it…. It’s kind of magical. We are working in an unconventional way blending shape, texture and pattern elements of real nature together with science and mathematics creating an inviting serenity atmosphere. Research has shown a 'calm' philosophy being good for our health (and hopefully success) so kick back, chill out and relax, unwind your mind with our original nature art for the 20th Century; it’s kind of magical.


Would you like a digital download of any item or consideration of using our art and nature patterns for your merchandise? 

Please contact us: ssfracarte@gmail.com

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Pets in Nature

The winner of our Pets in Nature competition is a cuddly rabbit "Chezzel" hiding in his favourite place under some bushes in the back yard. Chezzel's actual photo has been converted to a unique FracArt image and printed on a 30% hemp and 70% cotton tote for his owner. Next competition date TBA.

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Maths / Geometry / Science



Real Nature Images

Posters / Stickers

GIFs Breathe

Shop. Donate. Rest your eyes. 

FracArt aims to hold a strong capacity for social and environmental sustainability when using the resources available to us. With your purchase, you will also be contributing to one of these outstanding

non-profit organisations: Beyond Blue, Save-our-Koalas-Plant-a-Tree or Headspace. Read more

One more thing to feel good about.

Emotion Cards

Real Nature Images

Why we do what we do 

In 1814 Jane Austen knew exactly what the world needed and wrote it so well and it is so applicable to today’s world and FracArt’s mission:


"Here's harmony!" said she; "here's repose! Here's what may leave all painting and all music behind, and what may tranquillise every care, and lift the heart to rapture! When I look out on such a night as this, I feel as if there could be neither wickedness nor sorrow in the world; and there certainly would be less of both if the sublimity of Nature were more attended to, and people were carried more out of themselves by contemplating such a scene.” ― Jane Austen, Mansfield Park


Mansfield Park is the third published novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1814 by Thomas Egerton. A second edition was published in 1816 by John Murray

Plant Inspiration

Beautiful, humble flora has forever been a part of my life and enthusiasm. From planting a seed and cultivating to bloom to provide joy, fruit to feed the world or as an elixir or aroma to assist wellness. Plants enrich human life on this planet.

Plants for life

Growing plants play a part in reducing the biggest single environmental impact of a large part of the world greenhouse gas production as plants are the net carbon sink and they absorb more carbon dioxide than they emit.

Plants also absorb pollutants through their green leaves, trapping and filtering contaminants in the air and like all green plants also produce oxygen. We are so pleased to honour them with our products.

Read more about trees:

https://www.nwf.org/Trees-for-Wildlife/About/Trees-Make-A- Difference

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Education, Business, Corporate, Hospitality, Counselling, Health Retail rooms all could benefit from a serenity atmosphere.

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