Spending time with pets can make us feel good, spending time in nature can make us feel good, looking at images with the correct fractal dimension can make us feel calmer. 

FracArt has launched a competition that combines these 3, and provides an opportunity for you to win a t-shirt or a tote bag with a digitally altered fractal dimension image of your pet in nature.

Scroll down to see how you can enter, and vote for your favourite entry.

Pets in Nature Competition

Send us your favourite photo of your pet in nature and win a t-shirt or tote bag with a fractal dimension conversion printed on it.

We have a WINNER for our first competition a cuddly RABBIT and his converted FD image printed on a 100% cotton tote.

More competitions to come.

  1. Take a photo of your pet in nature. 

  2. Email: winfracart@hotmail.com with your photo file, your name, your pet's name and your email address. Nominate your preference for a canvas tote bag or a T-shirt (with size).

  3. A thumbnail of each entry received will be displayed on FracArt.com

  4. Throughout the promotional period, the public/visitors can vote for their favourite pet photo. The pet with highest number of votes will be declared the winner.

  5. The winner will receive a world’s first "pet in nature" fractal dimension converted image of their pet printed onto a canvas tote bag or a white T-Shirt.